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Classroom Accommodation and Note Taking

Classroom support, including: note taking, accessible furniture placement, use of assistive technology as examples, may be implemented to reduce or remove barriers. Accessibility plans are considered on a case-by-case basis and vary depending upon the barriers identified by the student.

Note taking

The Student Accessibility Centre facilitates arrangements for a peer note taker. As more and more Dalhousie courses support their teaching material through lecture capture, and online notes, we encourage you to explore other note taking supports including assistive technologies. Consider meeting with an advisor to discuss this in greater detail.

You may be eligible for financial assistance in the form of government grants to pay for note taking. Alternatively, we will pay a honourarium for note taking.

Requesting notes

Once note taking has been implemented as part of your accommodation plan fill out and submit the request form.

Interested in becoming a Note Taker?

If you would like to become a Note Taker, please review and submit our Note Taker Application within the first week of class (for fall and winter terms); or within the first two days of class (for spring/summer terms).


Whether you’re looking for a note taker, or wish to become a note taker, please contact notetaking@dal.ca.