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Requesting Accommodation

Accommodations may be implemented in order to reduce or remove barriers faced by students as a result of a disability, religious obligation and/or other protected characteristics under human rights legislation.

Accommodations may be applied to your learning and evaluation in an academic program or particular course, and/or, to university activities and services.

Making Your Request

You are required to present documentation supporting a request for accommodation. Information is gathered from a meeting with an advisor; the advisor’s observations, experience, and professional judgement; and medical and/or psycho-educational reports.

A recommendation made by a physician, psychologist or other health-care practitioner is one piece, among many pieces of information, considered when determining an accommodation plan.

Recommendations are considered in context of the learning and living environment and course/program learning outcomes.  

First Step

An appointment with an advisor is required for all students new to Dalhousie or King's. Appointments can occur by telephone or in-person.  

Next Steps

  • An advisor consults with you and your course instructor(s), as required.
  • Accessibility plans are then communicated by email (typically, to your instructor but this varies by Faculty).  


Advisors may review your accommodation plan based upon your progress; you may also request a review based on your progress and/or if your circumstance changes.


Students attending the College of Continuing Education are also to make requests for accommodation through the Student Accessibility Centre.