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Start On Track - Online is a great way to for you to get a head start and prepare yourself for your first semester at Dalhousie. By completing the modules within this course, you will: 

  • Learn tips and tricks to be successful in your first year at Dal
  • Identify on-campus resources that are available to you as a student 
  • Navigate various university systems and processes (like Brightspace - did you know class information will be in there too?)
  • Connect your values to Dal (integrity, fairness, excellence, and all that fun stuff)
  • Reflect on why you're in university and consider steps around career exploration (trust us, you don't need to know the answers just yet) 

How to access the modules

(released beginning in July 2018)

  1. Log into Brightspace using your NetID and password 
  2. Search under My Courses (left hand column) 
  3. Click Online Community - Online Orientation
  4. Click Content in the top navigation

Questions about Brightspace? Check out the Brightspace Student Guides

Topics you will explore 

This course includes eight modules that cover a wide variety of topics you should explore to get the most out of your time at university, including: 

  • Getting off to an A+ start
  • Investing in your future - money matters!
  • Taking care of your health
  • Alcohol & substance use safety
  • Creating a consent culture on campus
  • Your new Dalhousie community
  • Using the libraries
  • About academic integrity

If you complete all 8 modules ($$$)

If you complete ALL 8 modules, you will be entered to win a tuition bursary (values to be announced) to be applied to your student account. You will also receive your first co-curricular record accreditation (a document that records your extracurricular and volunteer activities from Dal to have when you graduate). 


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