Summer UPass

Who is it for and how does it work?

The Summer UPass Program is mandatory for all Dal and King's undergraduate, graduate, and professional students (excluding students registered in Faculty of Agriculture programs) who are full-time students for the summer (May - August) semester.

Undergradute students: as soon as you’ve registered for 9 credit hours of coursework, you’re considered a full-time student. Your classes don’t have to be concurrent—they can be spread out over the spring/summer terms. Register for all your classes early to ensure you have access to the Summer UPass in May. You do not have to have started class to pick up your UPass.

The 2018 Summer UPass costs $77.60 for the four-month period. The fee will be automatically added to your student account. The UPass fee is not prorated based on when the UPass is picked up. Once you pick up your summer UPass, it cannot be returned for a refund unless you have had your full-time fees refunded in full.  

Passes are available beginning April 26 from:

  • DalCard Office: 6230 Coburg Road
  • Student Service Centre: 1360 Barrington Street, Sexton Campus

Passes are available beginning May 1 from:

  • Student Accounts:  Basement Level, Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building

Can I opt in to the Summer UPass? 

If you are completing an academic or clinical/placement requirement full-time for the summer, you may be able to opt in to the Summer UPass program. Learn more about opting in.

Can I opt out of the Summer UPass? 

You may be able to opt out of the Summer UPass program under specific circumstances. Learn more about opting out


Questions or concerns?

Questions about eligibility or administration of the Summer UPass should be sent to

All other questions or concerns about the Summer UPass should be sent to