Who Gets a UPass

Please note

The UPass sticker is only available through DalCard offices. This sticker cannot be purchased elsewhere. If you receive a sticker, it is non-transferrable and is intended for your use.

Full-Time Students

The UPass program is mandatory for all full-time undergraduate, graduate, and professional students (excluding students registered in Faculty of Agriculture programs) for the September - April academic year. The UPass fee is automatically added to your student account in September for the full academic year.

Co-op students

Students on co-op placements within HRM can choose to opt-in to the UPass, but it will not be processed automatically. Find about the Opt-In process for co-op students.

Students with disabilities

Students with permanent disabilities following a part-time course load may be eligible to opt-in. Find out about the the Opt-In process for students with disabilities.

Part-time and post-graduate medicine students

Part-time students and post-graduate medicine students are not eligible for the UPass.

Summer students

If you are a full-time student in the summer, the Summer UPass program is mandatory. If you are completing an academic or clinical/placement requirement full-time for the summer and located in Halifax, you may be able to opt in to the Summer UPass program. Learn about the Summer UPass.