200th Anniversary DalCard


Introducing a new DalCard

It's been almost 10 years since the image on the face of our DalCard has been updated. With Dalhousie's 200th anniversary just around the corner, we're excited to introduce a fresh new look! Beginning in July 2017 and until December 2018, all new DalCards will include the 200th anniversary design. 

Who gets the new DalCard?

All new students, faculty, and staff getting their first DalCard during this time will receive a card with the new design free of charge.

Card holders replacing a lost or stolen card will be issued a card with the new design (a replacement fee applies).

Will my DalCard with the former design still work?

The features and functions of the DalCard haven't changed. DalCards with the former design will continue to work and be accepted anywhere you can use your DalCard.

Can I purchase a DalCard with the new design? 

If you're really into our new design, you can turn in your current DalCard to any DalCard Office and get a new DalCard printed for $15 (we accept cash, credit, debit, and DalDollars). Getting a new card printed is a great chance to change the photo on your ID.