Transfer Credit Terms


What do they mean?

Course Descriptions

A course description is a brief outline of the material covered in a class. Course descriptions are generally available either from the university/college website or course calendar/catalogue. 

Course Outline/Syllabus

A course outline or syllabus includes a course description, but also lists the class texts, how students are evaluated and the contact information for the professor who taught the course. It is usually handed out to the class at the beginning of the course. The course outline or syllabus should be available from the professor who taught the class or the relevant department at your university or college.

Duration of Undergraduate Studies and Academic Waivers

At Dalhousie, students have a limited period of time in which to complete their undergraduate studies. This time period varies by degree program. If your class was completed outside the relevant time frame, but meets all the other requirements for transfer credit, we will ask you to complete a waiver form requesting special permission for the class to transfer. Section 15 of the Dalhousie Academic Regulations in the Undergraduate Calendar sets out how long you have to complete your degree in each Faculty.