CEGEP Applicants


As a CEGEP applicant you need at least one year of the D.E.C.Competitive admission averages vary by program. You must also meet our general entrance requirements.

CEGEP Equivalent general entrance requirements                                     
English 12                            English 603 or French 601                               
Academic Math 12 Math 201-105: Linear Algebra
Math 360-300: Quantitative Methods
Pre-Calculus 12 Math 201-HSG: Intro to College Math
Math 201-NYA: Calculus I
Math 201-NYB: Calculus II
Math 201-NYC: Linear Algebra
Math 201-103: Calculus I
Math 201-203: Calculus II
Chemistry 12 202-NYA: General Chemistry
202-NYB: Chemistry of Solutions
Physics 12 203-NYA: Mechanics
203-NYB: Electricity and Magentism
203-NYC: Waves, Optics and Modern Physics
Biology 12 101-NYA: Biology I


If you have completed only one year of CEGEP study you are eligible for scholarship consideration. Visit Entrance Awards for more information about applying for our awards.

University credit for CEGEP

If you have completed more than one year of the D.E.C. you may receive university credit at Dalhousie. To view CEGEP work that has been assessed for transfer credit in the past, visit our Transfer Credit Equivalencies Table. If any of your courses are not listed on the Transfer Credit Equivalencies Table we may ask for a translated course description or course outline / syllabus. On receipt, we will review the class for possible transfer credit. To receive credit you need:

  • to have confirmed your offer
  • final course grade of 60% or higher
  • the course to be equivalent to one offered at Dalhousie
  • the course to apply to your intended program of study
  • to be within the time period to transfer to Dalhousie

If you completed any of your classes outside the time period to transfer to Dal, you will be required to request that these courses count towards your program.

Once our assessment is complete we will let you know which of your CEGEP courses transfer to your new program. You should arrange for translated transcripts with final grades to be sent to the Registrar's Office as soon as they are available. 




Students with a current offer of admission should contact (902) 494-2450 or email transfercredits@dal.ca

Prospective students should contact admissions@dal.ca

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