AP Applicants

As an AP student you must meet our general entrance requirements. For admission we consider your school results or final exams.


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University credit for AP courses

Dalhousie awards university credit for selected AP courses completed with a national exam result of 4 or 5

After you have confirmed your offer and received your exam results we will let you know which AP courses transfer to your new program. Arrange for the College Board to send an official transcript of your final AP exam results to the Registrar's Office as soon as it is available.  

AP transfer credit table

**Equivalencies can change if a course is re-evaluated.

AP course Dalhousie equivalent
Biology Biology 1010.03 and 1011.03
Calculus AB Mathematics 1000.03 and 1010.03
Calculus BC Mathematics 1000.03 and 1010.03
Capstone: Research ASSC 1999.03
Capstone: Seminar ASSC 1999.03
Chemistry Chemistry 1011.03/1012.03 or 1021.03/1022.03 or 1041.03/1042.03
Chinese Language and Culture Chinese 1030.06
Computer Science A Computer Science 1200.03 and 1999.03
Computer Science Principles Computer Science 1999.06
English Literature and Composition English 1000.06
Environmental Science Environmental Science 1100.03 and 1200.03
European History History 1004.06
French Language French 1045.06
French Literature French 1999.06 (elective)
German German 1010.06
Greek Classics 1700.06
Human Geography Geography 1035.03 and 1999.03 (elective)
Italian Language and Culture Italian 2999.06 (elective)
Japanese Language and Culture Japanese 1999.06 (elective)
Latin Virgil Classics 1800.06
Latin Literature Classics 2800.06
Macroeconomics Economics 1102.03
Microeconomics Economics 1101.03
Music Music 1001.03 and 1002.03 (students may consult department for Music 1201.03 and 1202.03)
Physics 1 Physics 1310
Physics 2 Physics 1320
Physics C: Mechanics Physics 1190
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Physics 1290
Government and Politics - U.S. Political Science 2999.03 (elective)
Government and Politics - Comparative Political Science 2300.06 (elective)
Psychology Psychology 1011.03 and 1012.03
Statistics Statistics 1060.03
US History History 1999.06 (elective)
World History History 1501.03 and 1502.03

At present, transfer credit is not offered for:

  • AP Art History
  • English Language and Composition
  • Spanish

If you have completed AP Spanish, please contact the Spanish Department for possible Advanced Standing.

Please note: Some classes that appear on this table may not be eligible for credit into the Bachelor of Engineering program. Please contact the Registrar's Office for specific information on credits for the Engineering programs.

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