Incidental Fees

for the 2020/21 academic year

Incidental fees are paid by all students at Dalhousie University. These are mandatory, non-academic fees, in addition to your tuition, that helps to fund various student programs. Incidental fees are outlined below.

Student Service fee

This fee provides Dalhousie University students with administrative, athletics (full-time students) and health services.

Full-time students (per term) $167.40
Part-time students (per term) $46.40
Other full-time professional (8 months) $334.80
Summer - full-time (per term) $55.79
Summer - part-time (per term) $46.40


Student Union fee

Every student registered at Dalhousie University is a member of the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) and required to pay a Student Union fee as part of the registration procedure. These fees have been approved by students in referenda and, along with other revenue of the Union, are allocated each year by the Student Council budget.

Full-time student fees per term $77.28
Part-time student fees per term $40.18


University bus pass fee (U-Pass)

The U-Pass is a transit pass specifically for full-time Dalhousie students, valid for unlimited use, 7 days a week from September 1, 2020 - April 30, 2021. U-Pass is accepted on all conventional Metro Transit buses and ferries. Additional fare may be required on premium routes, such as MetroLink and Community Transit buses.

  • The current cost is $162.70 and is charged in the fall term. For students beginning in January, a prorated fee is charged.
  • Full time Spring/Summer students will be charged $81.35 (May-Aug).

Society fee
This fee provides membership in student societies and is charged per term.

  • Additionally, all International students pay $5.00 per term for membership in the Dalhousie International Student Association Society.

Facilities renewal fee
This fee is assessed to all students to assist with deferred building maintenance.

Full-time student fees per term $94.90
Part-time student fees per term $31.50

Facilities renewal fee- Recreation

  • $90 per term for all full time students to a max of $180 per academic year.

Dalhousie Student Union health plan

Only full time students that start in September are automatically enrolled on the plan. If you are on Co-Op, exchange, a distance student or are starting in January you must OPT IN to the plan. The DSU Health Plan provides benefits at a lower cost compared to traditional group plans.

The cost of the DSU Health and Dental Plan can be confirmed by contacting the office directly. Students with equivalent insurance may apply to Opt Out through Dal Online no later than September 18, 2020 at 11.59pm AST. For more information please visit

For information regarding enrolment eligibility please contact the DSU Health Plan Administrator at

All international and exchange students coming to Dalhousie University are required to have a comprehensive health insurance plan. All students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory Dalhousie International Student Health Plan. In addition, all full-time students are also enrolled in the Dalhousie Student Union Health Plan. These fees will be applied directly to your student account. View fees and information on opting out for international and exchange students.