Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and other Income

Your social insurance number is required before any scholarships, awards or prizes can be credited to your student account. T4A forms will be mailed from Student Accounts in February to all students who have received a scholarship, award, prize or waiver. Please ensure your address is correct at Dal Online.

Tuition, Education, and Textbook Amounts Certificate (T2202A)

Official income tax receipts are issued for tuition and eligible fees no later than February 28 for the prior calendar year.

To view and/or print:

  • Log into Dal Online
  • Select “Web for Student”
  • Select “Canadian Tax Forms”
  • Select “Applicable Tax Forms”
  • Select “Tax Year”

Note: The printable form is your official receipt

Tuition tax receipts will record both the appropriate fee amount (tuition credit) and the number of months of full-time attendance (education credit).

Effective taxation year 2001, the T2202A tax receipt will reflect the amount of eligible tuition paid, not the amount charged. Please note that students will not receive a T2202A for outstanding fees. For subsequent payments, revisions may be requested.

Please direct inquiries about the tuition credit to Student Accounts and inquiries about the education credit to the Registrar’s Office.

Further details may be found on the Canada Revenue Agency.


The RL-8 Tax Form for Quebec residents attending Dalhousie University is available through Dal Online.