Bursary FAQs


Am I automatically considered for all bursaries available at Dalhousie?

No. You should check the awards section in the academic calendar and with your Department and Faculty.

How is the amount of the bursary award determined?

Numerous factors affect the amount of the bursary for a particular student. Annual budget, the number of applicants, and the relative size of University-determined shortfalls are major factors. Financial need is determined by comparing your resources with your expenses.

How do I get the money?

The Dalhousie Undergraduate bursaries will be disbursed through Interac e-Transfer to your Dalhousie Email address if you have a Canadian bank account.

To deposit an e-transfer, you need to do the following:

  • Open the Interac email and select your bank and log in
  • Enter the correct answer to the Security Question
  • Select an account to deposit the funds
  • Review and confirm the information that you have entered

If you cannot locate the e-Transfer, please check your Dalhousie email account on a computer, and check your spam, junk, and clutter folders.

Students who do not have a Canadian bank account and have indicated they do not in their bursary application will receive a cheque.  Bursary cheques are available, for personal pick up only, at the front counter of the Registrar's Office, Room 130, Henry Hicks Academic Administration Building. You can email frontcounter@dal.ca to have your cheque sent to the Sexton Campus Student Service Centre for pick up.

You need to present your valid Dalhousie Student ID Card to pick up your bursary cheque. You need to be currently registered at Dalhousie when you pick up your bursary.

If your studies require you to be off-campus when your bursary becomes available, contact frontcounter@dal.ca to have your cheque mailed.

If I don't receive a bursary, can I learn the reasons?

You can see the reason you were denied on DalOnline. If you have any questions about the decision, you can book an appointment with a Financial Aid Officer in the Registrar's Office by calling 902-494-2450, or emailing awards@dal.ca.

Can I appeal a bursary decision?

If the Awards Office can accomodate appeals, the deadline will be listed on our website. Appeals can be submitted in writing to awards@dal.ca.

What happens if I'm really short of funds?

If you have properly prepared a budget and found that you are extremely short in funds, you may have to consider part-time studies or postponing university until you are financially able to attend. Dalhousie University does not have an obligation to provide bursaries or other assistance. We may advise students to withdraw if they are financially unprepared to continue their studies. Please meet with a Financial Aid Officer in the Registrar’s Office to ensure you have not missed any financial options. You can book an appointment by calling 902-494-2450.

Do I have to pay taxes on my bursary?

Please review the current Revenue Canada regulations as not all scholarships and bursaries have to be reported.

Who will be notified of my bursary?

We are required to provide the names of bursary recipients to respective student aid authorites upon request. Students should be aware that any bursary money received may cause an overaward on their student loans. At the end of the bursary application you'll be asked to accept or decline your name being forwarded to donors of any bursaries you may receive.