Student Accessibility

Helping you reach your goals

Dalhousie works hard to make sure our campuses are accessible for all students, including those with disabilities or specific religious practices, as well as other areas outlined in the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act.

Classrooms for all

We do our best to make the classroom a place where you feel comfortable. Accommodations that you may be eligible for include:

  • someone to describe material that is shown to the class
  • large-print handouts
  • note-taking assistance in class
  • specialized technology to meet your individual needs
  • sign-language interpretation
  • breaks for prayer

Accommodations during exams

If you are facing a challenge as a result of a disability, religious practice or other situation that is protected under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, you may be eligible for assistance and academic accommodation.

Make a request for accommodation.

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Student accessibility is important to us. Find out more about how we accommodate our students.