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From the Middle East? Choose Dalhousie University

Fast facts
  • Dalhousie offers over 180 programs and more than 4,000 classes.
  • Our student body includes people from over 110 countries.
  • 90% of our faculty have a PhD.
  • Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia.
  • The Atlantic Ocean is a five-minute walk from our Halifax campuses.
  • Middle Eastern students can apply for generous entrance awards.
  • Our advisors can help with admissions.
  • Dal offers great support services, including ESL programs and orientation for new students.

Your future, your choice

With more than180 programs and over 4,000 classes to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your interests and goals. After you complete your undergraduate studies, continue your education with us by applying for one of our well-respected graduate or professional degrees, like business, computer science or architecture. Learn more about our programs.


Nova Scotia

Make yourself at home

As a student from the Middle East, you’re sure to find a place where you feel at home in Nova Scotia. Whether you select the historic city of Halifax or the scenic town of Truro, you’ll quickly find out why Atlantic Canada is famous for friendly, charming people and a safe, secure environment. Our campuses are conveniently located within walking distance of the amenities you want, so you’ll have plenty of time to focus on your studies. Find out more about living in Nova Scotia.

Shared experience

As a student from the Middle East, here is some information you'll find useful:

Halifax's large Middle Eastern community

When you enrol at Dalhousie, you're joining a diverse and welcoming student community. And although Canada's official languages are English and French, Arabic is the second most commonly spoken language in Halifax.

On-campus living

As a first-year Dalhousie student, you are guaranteed a place to live in one of our on-campus residences if you apply by June 30. In residence, everything you need—from your meals to your classes—is close. And our variety of housing options, including an all-female house and plenty of private rooms, means you can choose the accommodation that is right for you.

Enjoy all four seasons

In Nova Scotia, you’ll experience four distinct, moderate seasons. Because we’re next to the Atlantic Ocean, our winters aren’t too cold and our summers aren’t too hot. And each change in season offers new, exciting outdoor experiences—from snowboarding to sailing, there’s something for everyone.

Your academic future starts here

When you choose Dalhousie, you’re getting world-recognized programs taught by award-winning professors and researchers.

An interview with Ibrahim

Ibrahim Merdan

  • Port Said, Egypt
  • 4th year
  • Bachelor of Commerce

Career experience

“The big thing about the Dal Commerce experience is the co-ops. You graduate with a year's worth of work experience. And when you go into your first co-op, you notice that the things you learned in your core classes are really important.”

Friendly and welcoming

“I didn't know where anything was, but people really helped me out. They helped me to go get a phone plan or find out where the nearest grocery store was. I found the professors very welcoming as well. Dal just has a bunch of nice people.”

Vibrant community

“I've volunteered a lot and helped out at a lot of concerts and events at Dal. There are all these events and societies that allow you to spend your spare time in beneficial ways. You can spend your spare time doing something useful like helping the community. I like that Dal supports that kind of student involvement.”

Building a network

“As an international student and a Commerce student, one of the most important things you can do is build your professional network. Volunteering allowed me to build a network of contacts in a country I'd never been to.”

Diverse Halifax

"Halifax is very diverse. I meet other international students from around the world and I get to learn about their culture as well. It's an international experience within an international experience.”


Take the first step towards success

You’ll be in good company at Dalhousie. We admit students with strong academic standing from various national and international curricula, including the British, Indian and American systems, as well as International Baccalaureate. And as a Middle Eastern student, you’re eligible to apply for most of Dalhousie's scholarships.

If your English skills need a bit of improvement, we make it easy. Many of our programs provide conditional offers of admission for academically qualified students for up to 18 months to allow for ESL training. Find out how to apply.


English as a second language

Improve your English, increase your success

If your English skills need a bit of improvement, we make it easy. Many of our programs provide conditional offers of admission for academically qualified students for up to 18 months, to allow for ESL training at Dal or one of our partner institutions.

Complete our ESL program and you could be accepted directly to Dalhousie without having to take another IELTS or TOEFL exam. Find out more about our ESL programs.


Support for international students

Home away from home

At Dal, we understand you may need a little help settling in. By accessing the many services available at our International Centre, you’ll have help every step of the way, from orientation at the university to filing your taxes.

You’ll also have access to many student societies and sports teams, giving you the opportunity to quickly make friends with common interests.


Have questions? Need help?

Email us and we will do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.