From Bermuda or the Caribbean? Choose Dalhousie University

Fast facts
  • Dalhousie offers over 180 programs and more than 4,000 classes.
  • Our student body includes students from over 110 countries.
  • 90% of our faculty have a PhD.
  • Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia.
  • The Atlantic Ocean is a five-minute walk from our Halifax campuses.
  • Bermudian and Caribbean students can apply for generous entrance awards.
  • Our advisors can help with admissions.
  • Dal offers great support services, including academic advising and orientation for new students.

Your future, your choice

With more than 180 programs and over 4,000 classes to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits your interests and goals. When you complete your undergraduate degree, consider continuing your education with us by applying for one of our well-respected graduate or professional degrees, like business, economics or agriculture.

Hands-on experience

Our co-op programs give you the opportunity to apply the classroom theory you’ve learned to the real world. Working in your field while you’re still in school means that when you graduate, you already have the experience you need to start your new career—in Halifax, Bermuda, the Caribbean or anywhere in the world. Learn more about our co-op programs.


Nova Scotia

Get comfortable

Whether you choose the fun, historic city of Halifax or the scenic town of Truro, you’ll quickly find out why Atlantic Canada is famous for its friendly, charming people, safe and secure environment and lively social communities. Find out more about living in Nova Scotia.

A Caribbean experience

When you attend Dalhousie, you’ll find that there’s a society, a sports team or an academic club for everyone. Joining our Caribbean Connection society gives you a little taste of home and an opportunity to meet students with similar cultural values and experiences. Find out more about life as a Dal student.

Shared experience

As a student from Bermuda or the Caribbean, here is some information you'll find useful:

On-campus living

As a first-year student at Dal, you are guaranteed a room in one of our convenient residences if you apply by June 30. In residence, everything—from your meals to your classes to your friends—is close. Not only do we provide a variety of safe, clean housing options, including private rooms and all-female houses, we also ensure that each residence has a building assistant and planned activities to help you get comfortable.

Enjoy all four seasons

In Nova Scotia, you’ll experience four distinct, moderate seasons. And each change in season offers new, exciting outdoor experiences—from sailing to snowboarding, there’s something for everyone.

Be a part of our legacy

When you earn your degree at Dalhousie, you’re investing in your future. For almost 200 years, Dalhousie has been one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. Graduating from Dalhousie means joining the ranks of successful alumni from the Caribbean and all over the world.

An interview with Krysti

Matthew Coelho

  • Devonshire Parish, Bermuda
  • 2nd year, Master of Applied Computer Science
  • Completed Bachelor of Informatics at Dal

Co-op experience

“For my undergraduate degree I did two co-op placements in Bermuda at a company called Nova, doing software development. I also did one here at the Risk Analytics lab. You get experience and apply what you’re learning in the real world. It’s a different take on education.”

A distinctive program

“My Bachelor of Informatics wasn’t just a typical Computer Science degree. It was more focused around project management, design principles and, essentially, how you manage software teams and take ideas and create from the ground up.”

Faculty mentors

“Taking undergraduate classes, you meet pretty much all the professors, so when you get to graduate school you have a rapport with them already. With Andrew Rau-Chaplin (dean of Computer Science), I took his undergraduate class and now he’s my master’s supervisor.”

Close-knit community

“You build good relationships at Dal. I do a part-time job doing coding and consulting with a professor here. I’m part of the Open Source Society, which is about learning development work in your free time with other students. There are a lot of societies and it’s just a matter of finding the ones you want to be a part of. I decided to stick to a few of them and have an active leadership role.”

At home in Halifax

“Halifax is a nice city. The people are friendly, so it’s very similar to home. It’s a nice-size city with lots to do.”


Take the first step towards success

At Dal, it’s simple to apply. Our friendly, knowledgeable advisors can help you every step of the way. If you’re currently attending a university or college in the Caribbean, you could be eligible for a transfer to Dalhousie. And when you finish your degree, our quality reputation means that your degree will be recognized anywhere in the world. Find out how to apply.


Support for international students

Your home away from home

We understand that as an international student at Dalhousie, you may need a little help settling in. By accessing the many services available at our International Centre, you’ll have friendly people to help you every step of the way, from orientation at the university to choosing your classes.


Have questions? Need help?

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