US Curriculum Applicants

As a US applicant you must meet our general entrance admission requirements.

We also require strong academic standing with a final senior year minimum average of ‘B’ for consideration, and a minimum SAT score of 1100 (new SAT; Post March 2016). Applicants who took the SAT before March 2016 are required to have a minimum score of 1650. Dalhousie’s SAT code is 0915. SAT subject tests are not required for admission. You may present an ACT result in lieu of an SAT result. Dalhousie requires a minimum ACT composite score of 23, with no individual score less than 20. Dalhousie’s ACT code is 5373.

For both the SAT & ACT, Dalhousie will super score an applicant with multiple test dates, where the highest category score is taken irrespective of test date. 

Admission to Dalhousie is purely quantitative for most direct-entry programs. As such, essays, references and/or interviews are not required for admission.

Applicants applying for early admission between October 15 and January 31 are required to send in official transcripts of all results up until the end of junior year, in lieu of completing the self-reported grades section of the application.

Transfer Credit

If you have completed some university or college classes you are considered a transfer applicant, and you may receive credit for coursework that has already been completed.


Applicants studying the US curriculum are eligible for entrance scholarships. Visit Entrance Awards for more information about our awards.

Financial Aid

Financial Assistance is available for Citizens and Permanent Residents of the United States. Dalhousie is recognized as a participant of Direct Loan Programs by the US Department of Education. For more information please visit our US Student Loans page.