French Baccalauréat Applicants

As a French Baccalauréat applicant you need a minimum average of 11 on at least five subjects in the French Baccalauréat Général. You also need to meet our general entrance requirements.

University credit for French Baccalauréat classes

Dalhousie awards university credit for selected French Baccalauréat classes completed with a minimum grade of 11 and a minimum coefficient of 4.

After you have confirmed your offer and received your exam results we will let you know which French Baccalauréat classes transfer to your new program. You should arrange for an official, translated transcript to be sent to the Registrar's Office as soon as it is available.

French Baccalauréat Transfer Credit Table

Note: Equivalencies can change if a course is re-evaluated

Course Dalhousie Equivalent
Eco-Droit, Terminale "STT" ECON 1999.06
Espagnol (langue seconde), Terminale "L" SPAN 1020.06
Littérature, Terminale "L" FREN 2999.06 (elective)
Littérature française, Terminale "ES" FREN 2999.06 (elective)
Mathématiques, Terminale "S" MATH 1000.03 + 1010.03
Mathématiques, Enseignement de spécialité MATH 1999.06 (elective)
Mathématiques, Terminale "ES" MATH 1999.06 (elective)
Philosophy, Terminale "ES" PHIL 2999.06 (elective)
Philosophy, Terminale "L" PHIL 2991.06 (elective) +
2992.06 (elective)
Physics-Chemistry, Terminale "S" PHYS 1190.03 + CHEM 1999.03
Sciences de la vie et de la terre Terminale "S" SCIE 1999.06 (elective)
Sciences économiques et sociales Terminale "S" Enseignement de spécialité/obligatoire SOSA 2999.03 (elective)
ECON 1999.03 (elective)
Sciences Physiques, Terminale "S" PHYC 1280.03 +
CHEM 1999.03 (elective)
World History & Geography GEOG 1999.03 +
HIST 1999.03 (electives)


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