GCE A Level (British System) Applicants

As a GCE A Level.British System applicant you need a minimum of five subjects, including two A (Advanced) levels or four AS (Advanced Subsidiary) levels with grades of C or better, for admission. Exceptional candidates may be accepted on GCSE or O (Ordinary) levels. You must also meet our general entrance requirements. Math requirements are met through the GCE curriculum in the following ways:

GCE/GCSE Math Requirements
Academic Math 12   IGCSE or O level math
Pre-Calculus 12 AS or A level math


Visit Entrance Awards for more information about our awards.

University credit for GCE A Levels

Dalhousie awards university credit for selected GCE A Levels completed with a minimum grade of C.

Dalhousie does not offer transfer credit for AS and GCSE or O (Ordinary) level classes.

After you have confirmed your offer and received your GCE results we will let you know which A level courses transfer to your new program. You should arrange for your final GCE certificate to be sent to the Registrar's Office as soon as it is available.

GCE A Levels Transfer Credit Table

**Equivalencies can change if a course is re-evaluated

A Level 
Dalhouse Equivalency
Accounting COMM 1101.03
Arabic ARBC 1020.06
Biology BIOL 1010.03 + 1011.03
Business COMM 1999.03
Business Studies COMM 1999.06 (elective)
Chemistry CHEM 1011.03 + 1012.03
Chinese CHIN 3999.06 (elective)
Computer Science CSCI 1615.03 + 1616.03
Design & Textiles THEA 1999.06 (elective)
Dress & Textiles THEA 1999.06 (elective)
Drama & Theatre Studies A THEA 1991.03
Economics ECON 1101.03 + 1102.03
Food Studies FOSC 1000.03 + 1991.03 (elective)
French FREN 1999.06 (elective)
Geography GEOG 1030.03 + 1035.03
Government & Politics POLI 1050.03 + 1055.03 
History HIST 1999.06 (elective)
Information Technology CSCI 1615.03 + 1616.03
Islamic Studies COMR 2003.03
Literature in English ENGL 1000.06
Marine Science BIOL 1999.06 (elective)
Mathematics MATH 1000.03/1010.03
Mathematics (Further) MATH 1010.03/2030.03
Modern Greek CLAS 1999.06 (elective)
Music MUSC 1999.06 (Student may contact the department regarding specific music equivalencies) (elective)
Philosophy PHIL 1000.06
Physics PHYC 1280.03 & 1290.03
Portuguese HUMN 1999.06 (elective)
Psychology PSYO 1021.03 & 1022.03
Religion & Ethics
ASSC 1999.06
Sociology SOSA 1200.06
Spanish SPAN 2020.06 (with placement test)

At present, transfer credit is not offered for Art & Design, Design and Technology, English Language, Hindi, Law, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Urdu Language.

Note: Some classes that appear on this table may not be eligible for credit into the Bachelor of Engineering program. Please contact the Registrar's Office for specific information on credits for the Engineering programs.

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