Faculty of Science

Description: The Faculty of Science at Dalhousie University is the primary centre for education and research in science in Atlantic Canada. With over 180 full-time faculty members in eight departments, plus allied science faculty in Medicine, Dalhousie offers a breadth of programs and classes, and a depth of expertise. You will learn with Dalhousie Science faculty who have won national and international awards for excellence in teaching and research.

The Faculty is dedicated to excellence. Our professors rank in the top five in the country by research achievements, our students rank in the top ten nationally by high school performance, and we attract the highest percentage of out-of-province students for any major research university. Students are challenged to develop the capacity for enquiry, logical thinking and analysis, to cultivate the ability to communicate with precision and style, and to acquire the skills for lifelong learning.

Careers: Vary depending on major
Website: Science
Program options: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Length of program: 3-4 years
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