Costume Studies

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Description: There's no other program in Canada like Dalhousie's Costume Studies. In the four-year degree in theatre specializing in costume studies, you'll study textile and costume history and gain the hands-on skills needed to create modern and historical dress, inside and out. Learn to fashion both men’s and women’s clothing, and develop skills to design patterns, dye fabric, and sculpt and ornament clothing. You've seen luxurious, stunning, sometimes outrageous costumes come to life in film, onstage and on the catwalk — our costumes studies program prepares you to be part of all this, and more.
Careers: Costumer in theatre, living-history sites, film
Draper in fashion and couture
Textile consultant
Dress historian
Historical researcher
Website: Costume Studies
Program options: Bachelor of Arts (BA) Theatre (Costume Studies)  or
Diploma in Costume Studies (DCS)
Length of program: 4 years (Degree)
2 years (Diploma) (under review)

High School courses

    4 additional university preparatory courses

    Theatre or drama

Prerequisites for entering the diploma program 

  • A letter of intent outlining costume experience
  • The Diploma in Costume Studies is an intensive two-year qualification intended primarily for students who have completed a Bachelor's degree at a recognized university. Students who have completed at least two full years of successful study at a recognized university may be considered for the Diploma on a case-by-case basis. After successful completion of this program, students may upgrade their DCS to a BA in Theatre (Costume Studies).

See Admissions Requirements for more information. 

Future academic options: Master of Arts (following a BA)