Business (Minor)

Faculty of Management

Description: Want to strengthen your potential for career success? You can add a Minor in Business to your academic portfolio, building a solid understanding of business practices and the corporate world while pursuing a major in another subject.
Careers: Entrepreneur
Event planner
Talent agent
Program options: Open to students enrolled in:
Bachelor of Arts (BA) or
Bachelor of Science (BSc) or
Bachelor of Computer Science (BCSc)

This is a minor program for those not in a degree program offered by the Faculty of Management.

Over the course of one degree you'll take seven full credits (or 14 half credits)

Example: introductory classes in Business, Computers and Accounting for a Minor in Business.

Length of program: 4 years
Prerequisites: See BA, BSc or BCSc admission requirements
See Admissions Requirements for more information
Future academic options: Commerce (BComm)
Management (BMgmt)
Master of Arts