What will I learn?

Dal's Veterinary Technology diploma is a two-year program with four standard semesters and an intersession after the first year. You'll take a variety of courses in animal medicine and nursing, clinical exercises and pathology, anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. You'll also learn about large animal practice, lab animals and alternative pet medicine. 

We provide opportunities to learn outside the classroom through off-campus externships at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and in general veterinary practices. You can also work in our on-campus Boulden Animal Clinic, where you will learn the skills required to be successful in a companion animal veterinary practice.

Internships and externships

Dal's Veterinary Technology program prepares you for a career as a veterinary technician by giving you hands-on, practical experience. After you've learned the basics in your first year, you'll complete an internship and two externships, ranging from private practice to specialty referral centres.

Internship in veterinary technology 

In this four-week internship, you'll rotate through clinical, laboratory, and off-campus cooperating hospital settings. You'll hone the skills you learned in your first two semesters, and gain new ones. You'll also have daily classroom sessions for discussion and testing. 

In addition to your scheduled hours, you'll have animal care and maintenance duties. You'll learn about a multitude of topics relevant to the vet tech profession, including animal and facilities maintenance, fluid therapy, blood sampling and many others.

Externship at the Atlantic Veterinary College 

During this four-week off-campus externship, you'll be on duty with technical staff rotating through various departments such as surgery, anesthesia and the large animal teaching hospital. You'll work day, evening and night shifts, and participate in structured learning exercises. This externship includes a significant livestock and equine component.

Externship in general veterinary practice 

This six-week externship is an off-campus learning experience in a general, small animal veterinary practice. You'll be responsible for arranging your placement. The practice you choose is approved by the program coordinator to ensure it meets the program's requirements.

Learn more about the people who will be teaching you

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