What can I do with this degree?

Career opportunities

Choosing Theatre at Dal opens you up to a world of opportunity through a wide variety of career options:

  • Many of our students have gone on to become directors, playwrights, actors, artisans, technicians and designers in the professional theatre in Canada and abroad, including:
    • Neptune
    • Tarragon
    • Buddies in Bad Times
    • Young People’s Theatre (LKTYP)
    • Stratford Shakespeare Festival
    • Cirque de Soleil
    • London’s Royal National Theatre
  • Several of our students have gone on to become drama teachers in high schools.
  • Costume Studies students have worked as:
    • designers and cutters at Cirque de Soleil
    • associate designer for the Las Vegas Celine Dion Water Shows
    • stitchers, cutters and dressers in London’s large production companies
    • costume-makers for living history sites such as Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and Plimoth Plantation.
  • Several Theatre Studies and Film Studies students have gone on to careers in arts administration in the theatre and film industries.
  • Several students have gone on to careers in law.
Discover what our alumni have done with their degrees

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Future studies

An undergraduate degree in Theatre provides a great foundation for many future academic programs. Whether you’re interested in doing a Masters of Arts in Theatre, Literature and Performance Studies to name just a few, or moving on to a professional program like Education or Law, Dalhousie has a wide variety of programs to choose from.

Opportunities for future studies in Theatre are wide and varied:

  • MA and PhD in Theatre, Literature or Performance Studies
  • MFA in Scenography
  • MA and PhD in Costume Design and Museum Studies
  • Higher level acting schools such as National Theatre School, LAMDA, etc.
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Education