Future studies

If you've done an honours degree in statistics, a masters degree in statistics is a natural next step. It offers you the ability to focus and undertake a serious research project on your own.

Because statistics is central to the practice of many sciences – economics, psychology, biology, oceanography, or chemistry – an undergraduate degree in statistics stands puts you in a good position to pursue graduate studies in another scientific field.

If you decide to pursue an academic path, the solid knowledge of quantitative research that a statistics degree gives you is what will make you an attractive candidates for faculty positions, says Hong Gu, associate professor of statistics.

  • Master of Science (MSc) in Statistics
  • PhD in Statistics
  • MSc or PhD in many interdisciplinary research, such as bioinformatics, finance, economics, and environmental science. 
Academic advising for statistics students
Mathematics Statistics student

Because statistics is applicable to so many different areas of study, we offer advising services designed to help you discover and develop your academic and career goals. Contact one of our undergraduate student advisors to learn more about the academic opportunities available to statistics majors.