What will I learn?

The range of courses we offer are as diverse as the discipline itself. In all courses, our program is committed to two goals: the development of strong research skills and building a critical edge in students so they engage with real-world examples of power and social inequality on an academic and practical level.

We encourage students to find their own intellectual voice while they receive a solid education in Sociology and Social Anthropology’s two distinct intellectual and methodological heritages.

Learn more about the people who will be teaching you

Our faculty are a diverse group who love to share knowledge.

Research Opportunities

From first-year writing courses exploring people in culture and society to fourth-year independent research projects, Dal's Sociology and Social Anthropology students practice the art of being a sociologist and social anthropologist throughout their degree.

Our faculty lead very active research lives and their experience translates into the classroom. They frequently provide social analysis and expertise to government and non-government agencies and to community groups. Some faculty research projects include South Indian health care, politics of food in Mexico, youth justice in Nova Scotia and immigration in Atlantic Canada.

All students have the option to finish the program with an individually designed research project. This is strongly encouraged by faculty. An honours or major thesis prepares you for graduate studies or a transition to a career as a social scientist.