The student experience

Alex Maxwell talks about 1st year


I love how you can be in one place, and another person can be in a completely different place, but you can have ideas about things that are almost identical.


Matt Howe talks about 1st year


Halifax is a friendly part of the world – I love being next to the water. It has its own aura that draws people to it.


Yasmeen Ghebari talks about 1st year


It was interesting to read these articles about stuff that I go through everyday, but a lot of people don’t know about.


Michelle MacGillivray talks about 2nd year


I love social anthropology because it gives you such a great world view. Your perspective on everything changes.


Hayley Franklin talks about 2nd year
& Jean‑Phillipe Foster talks about 3rd year


You always have classes with the same people. You get to work together and you’re never really alone in class. It makes it more fun.


Stephanie Van de Vooren talks about 4th year


I learned how to think critically about what we’re presented with in class.