Career opportunities

"Social workers are a lot of different things and they work in a lot of different places. You’ll find social workers in hospital settings, in small commuity organizations, in government agencies, in research offices, and in the public school system," says Assistant Professor Cassandra Hanrahan.

"It really comes down to our students – we teach them how to become critical thinkers and how to be reflexive. Then it comes down to what kind of person do you want to be? What kind of social worker do you want to be?"

Taking a BSW is a journey that expands your own mind, through which you learn the means for recognizing the role of assumptions, values, dominant discourses and prevailing ideologies in our daily lives.

Student Afolake Awoyiga believes that the program develops social workers who "ask the right questions to discover the root causes of problems, advocate on behalf of the vulnerable population and constantly engages in a critical self-analysis or self-relflection."

At the end of a BSW, you will be equipped to practice social work professionally and advance social justice across a wide range of career possibilities. How you end up making the world a better place is really up to you.

Sample careers undertaken by graduates:

  • child protection agencies
  • transition houses
  • family service and support centres
  • hospitals and community based clinics
  • community outreach programs in mental  & physical health

Types of places social workers work:

Alumni stories

Creating your own career path

Laura MacIntosh (BSW'11) currently works as a Peer Ally, advocating and advising on lesbian, bi, gay, trans and queer issues on Dalhousie Campus. She's also started a Master of Social Work here, as part of a plan to have greater control over her career.

“I think the great thing about social work is that it’s so broad,” she says. "There's room to find a job that fits your own goals."

“When I am looking at jobs and thinking about career paths, it’s really important that I find an agency that can work with me and within my framework,” she says.