Why study Russian at Dalhousie?

Nobel-winning poet Joseph Brodsky liked Nova Scotia. When he visited Dalhousie to read poetry, he said it reminded him of his homeland. He's not the first person to feel that connection. As the oldest Russian Studies program in Canada, we've been attracting students who want to study the language, history, literature and culture of Russia since 1944.

Our program gives you a thorough grasp of Russian grammar and a practical competence in speaking, reading and writing. Our courses in culture and civilization introduce you to the art, architecture, music and religious faiths of the Russian people. We offer many literature courses in English and Russian, to give as many students as possible the opportunity to become acquainted with this important part of Russian life.

Dalhousie started the first Russian Study Abroad Program in Canada. Since 1974, many students have studied at Saint Petersburg State University. They travel the country, make Russian friends, and some even remain in Russia, finding employment as English teachers, working in business or in the media.

We celebrate Russian culture all year round. From the performances and food of our wildly popular Russian Night, to our Russian choir, poetry readings, guest speakers, or film and cooking clubs, you will find a way to connect to a language with a rich tradition and beauty.

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