Why choose Religious Studies at Dal?

Do you need a religion to be spiritual? Can you belong to one religion and study other religions? Historically, religion provided meaning and gave purpose to human lives. Understanding world religions helps you achieve a full knowledge of the human experience.

In Dalhousie's Religious Studies program, you’ll explore religious texts and traditions in a rigorous academic environment. With lively, interesting courses in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and many other topics, there is much to engage the curious, questioning student.

Religious discourse is prominent in our contemporary political and cultural landscape. But despite that, people sometimes find it confusing that religion can be a subject of study in an academic institution. Is there a difference between studying religion and "being religious"?

The study of religion belongs in the university environment for the simple reason that so many societies and people around the world organize their lives within the framework of religious beliefs and practices. As with any discipline in the humanities, taking Religious Studies at Dal may strengthen, broaden, or challenge your personal beliefs.

These are simply the side effects of studying religion, not the goals. In our Religious Studies courses, you’re encouraged to be open to the intellectual adventure available to you.

Program details

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Program Options

  • Concentration (3 years)
  • Major/Double Major (4 years)
  • Honours/Combined Honours (4 years)
  • Available as a second subject to BSc students


Required high school courses:

  • English
  • 4 additional university preparatory classes

See Admissions Requirements for more information.

Application Deadline and Program Dates

Application deadlines for 2017/18

  • March 1 - Deadline for scholarship consideration for fall semester
  • April 1 - International students (except USA)
  • June 1 - All Canadian and American applications

Other important program dates

Class Size

  • First- and second-year classes range from 50 to 130 students.
  • Third- and fourth-year classes have approximately 20 to 30 students.

Tuition Fees

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Residence & Housing

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Housing options

  • Meal plans
  • Dorm-style, traditional residences
  • Apartment-style, non-traditional
  • Off-campus housing