Sample courses

Combining theory and practice

The goal of the program is to provide students with the theoretical and practical skills to work in a variety of settings as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS). In first year, along with the introductory leisure studies course, you’ll take a range of introductory courses in other departments, such as physiology, sociology, psychology and anatomy. In years two to four, your courses will reflect your individual interests in the program—anything from leadership and dynamics to community development.

The 16-week internship in the final year of the program takes you out of the classroom and provides you with hands-on work experience that enhances your studies.

LEIS 1127
Foundations of Recreation

This class introduces you to concepts including play, sport, recreation, and leisure—how they are viewed and valued in our society, and how they relate to health and well-being. The content provides an overview of leisure-service delivery, public access to leisure opportunities, variations in leisure involvement due to social and cultural differences, and issues that are important for future leisure-service professionals. You'll take part in a professional conference and be required to join a recreation-related professional group while enrolled.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites.

LEIS 2384
Leisure and Individuals with Disabilities

In this class, you'll be introduced to the current philosophy, issues, and practices relating to leisure opportunities for persons who have difficulty gaining access to community services due to physical, mental, and social conditions. An analysis of leisure behaviours, attitudes and attitudinal development, barriers, and needs of individuals with various disabilities and other members of the community will be provided. Themes you'll investigate will involve issues related to mainstreaming, integration, and normalization. A required practicum will provide hands-on experience with individuals with disabilities.

Prerequisites: LEIS 1127

LEIS 3426
Therapeutic Recreation Service Delivery

In this class, you'll focus on issues related to delivering therapeutic recreation services. Topics will include documentation in therapeutic recreation; client assessment issues; therapeutic recreation program planning (identifying client needs, selecting appropriate interventions, task and activity analysis, planning change-oriented programs, writing behavioural objectives); program and client evaluation; and written plans of operation. The final component provides you with the opportunity to work with individuals with disabilities in a program-planning context.

Prerequisites: LEIS 1127, LEIS 2130, LEIS/HPRO/HEED 2361, LEIS 2384, KINE 3384

LEIS 4482
TR Specialization: Youth at Risk

Youth, as a sector of society and as a stage in human development, is important to the study of leisure. Unemployment and underemployment have created a number of problems in youth, such as low self-worth, alcohol abuse, and teenage suicide. Programs are being developed to address these problems, many of which are experientially based, such as Outward Bound, study service, service learning, and national service.

In this class, you'll study the phenomenon of youth development in the light of experiential educational approaches. You'll also meet and interact with a variety of youth. As well, a practicum is one component of the class, and will allow you to gain hands-on experience in a real-life setting.

Prerequisites: LEIS 1127, LEIS 2127, LEIS 2130, LEIS 2384, LEIS 3127, LEIS 3426, LEIS 3492, PSYO 2220

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