Sample courses

What makes us tick?

If you’ve ever wondered why we do the things we do––how people think, behave and interact with others––then you’ve wondered about the things we study in psychology.

In our program, you'll gain a broad appreciation of psychology, from experimental design and statistical analysis to brain function, language development, learning mechanisms and cognitive processing, as well as psychopathology and treatment, personality and the history of psychology.

Sample courses:

PSYO 1011
Introduction to Psychology and Neuroscience I: From Neuron to Person

In this class, you'll cover a range of material, including the historical background of the field; research methodology; the neural mechanisms that underlie behaviour; sensory and perceptual processes; states of consciousness; learning; and memory. The class is taught by several different instructors with expertise in the topics covered. Biweekly labs add depth to what you'll learn in lectures.

Prerequisites: Admission to BA or BSc program

PSYO 2000
Methods in Experimental Psychology

The class provides a thorough grounding in scientific research methods used by psychologists. Lectures explore analytic procedures commonly employed to investigate human and animal behaviour. Students conduct and analyze in written reports a series of experiments in the laboratory to illustrate important concepts discussed in class.

Notes: Restricted to students registered in Psychology Major or Concentration programs. Students must attend the first lecture session.

Prerequisites: PSYO 1011.03/1012.03 or PSYO 1021.03/1022.03 or SCIE 1501X/Y.27, 1503X/Y.21, 1504X/Y.27, or 1510X/Y.33 (with a grade of B- or better)
Exclusions: NESC 2007.03

PSYO 3225
Health Psychology

A study of psychological influences on how people stay healthy and how they respond when they become ill. Using a biopsychosocial model, this class examines topics such as health behaviours and prevention, stress and coping, the patient in treatment settings, and management of chronic and terminal illness.

Prerequisites: PSYO 2000.03 or NESC 2007.03, and PSYO 2220.03

PSYO 3264
The Science of Sleep

This class extends the coverage offered in PSYO 1011.03 or 1021.03 and includes material on development, cognition, intelligence, motivation, personality, social behaviour, and psychopathology. The class is taught by one or two different instructors with expertise in the topics covered. This class has no accompanying laboratory/tutorial.

Prerequisites: PSYO 3225.03: Health Psychology


Animal Behaviour
Dr. Simon Gadbois

Dr. Simon Gadbois shares his sense of amazement with students in his second- and third-year Animal Behaviour courses, telling stories from his own work in the Dal dog lab and in the field. But second-hand stories can’t totally capture his excitement. Read more about Dr. Gadbois' passion.

"The teaching is easy because I talk about stuff that I’m absolutely passionate about. If you’re passionate about what you do, it tends to be contagious."