Research opportunities

The Psychology Department offers students a wide range of research and volunteer opportunities. Students may also earn credit points for some courses by participating in research projects.

Examples of research being done by professors:

  • Developmental: Language and literacy, social-cognitive child development
  • Animal: Canid behaviour (wolves, coyotes, red foxes, dogs), learning, genetics, songbird behaviour, scent and attractions in rodents
  • Clinical: Addictions (smoking, gambling, alcohol), perfectionism, sleep
  • Neuroscience: Insect behaviour, hormones, stress, sensory processes in hearing, biological rhythms, attention, cognition and information processing, neuroimaging with MRI

Examples of research undergraduate students might participate in:

  • ABCs: Understanding how we read
  • An eye monitoring study: Preferred direction coding in the human motor cortex
  • Arousal and face recognition: Sex differences in face processing    
  • Effects of nocturnal sleep on napping and learning emotional biases in problem and non-problem gamblers
  • How do we forget?: A memory study   
  • Perfectionism, life narratives and well-being during freshman year
  • A study on truth-telling, lying, and their relationships with personality traits and attitudes

Explore the connection between the mind and the brain

In his research, Dr. Aaron Newman uses imaging technology to study how the brain behaves when the mind is piecing language together. Read more about Dr. Newman's research and teaching.

“Right from the second week, students are putting electrode caps on each other and seeing each other’s brainwaves.”