Combining programs

How to mix Psychology with another field of study

A Bachelor of Arts with a second major in Psychology? You can do that at Dalhousie. It might surprise you to discover that you can combine completely different fields of study into one degree.

There are a variety of ways to combine a major in Psychology with many other academic programs. It’s no more difficult than doing a regular Psychology degree, and provides you with a formidable combination of two skill sets to take into the job market.

Combinations to consider:

Bachelor of Science

Double major or combined honours: As part of a double major or combined honours program, Psychology can be combined with any other Faculty of Arts or Science major or honours subjects. If it is combined with an Arts subject, a larger number of credits must be taken in Psychology.

Minors: There are also a number of minor programs that can be combined with Psychology through the Bachelor of Science program. These are: Business, Canadian Studies, Community Design, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Film Studies, Food Science, Journalism Studies, Law and Society, and Management.

Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Science students can complete a Bachelor of Engineering degree concurrently with their science program. Students in this program complete the equivalent of a three-year Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Engineering in a period of five to six calendar years, depending on whether or not a co-op program is selected for Engineering.

Bachelor of Arts

In the Bachelor of Arts program, Psychology can be combined with most of the Arts or Science major or honours subjects.

A note for Psychology students choosing the double major option

If you have interests and strengths in several areas, you may consider doing a double major. Psychology can be the primary or secondary area of emphasis - however, you cannot combine Psychology with Neuroscience.

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