Career opportunities

A bachelor’s degree in psychology opens up a world of possibilities in a wide range of fields. Many graduates, with additional on-the-job training, enter into careers in community and social services, human resources, residential care, student services, and forensic services.

Sample career possibilities:

  • case manager - work with individuals or families dealing with complex life situations
  • psychiatric technician - work with people who have mental illnesses or developmental disabilities
  • advertising and marketing professional - analyze and understand social and consumer behaviour to build effective campaigns
  • human resource employee - hire prospective employees, moderate conflicts, and develop and administer employee training
  • criminal justice - pursue careers as corrections, law enforcement, parole or probation officers.
  • lab/research assistant - work alongside scientists collecting and analyzing data in various settings
  • health professional - help people to lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthy and lower stress

Professional careers requiring graduate studies

After completing a BA or BSc in psychology, many students continue their studies to acquire the specific skills necessary to pursue a career in their desired profession. The Honours Psychology program at Dalhousie provides a good foundation in clinical psychology and allows students substantial freedom in choosing courses that interest them.

Sample career possibilities:

  • clinical psychologist - assess and treat mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders in health care settings such as clinics, hospitals, prisons, and private practice
  • geropsychologist - specialize in the treatment of elderly patients
  • aviation psychology - evaluate prospective employees, designing flight decks, investigating aviation accidents and conducting research on aviation safety
  • forensic psychologists - evaluate patients who have been incarcerated or are being prosecuted. Forensic psychologists also work with law enforcement to develop profiles of criminal offenders
  • military psychology - provide mental health services to soldiers and families and assist soldiers with anxiety, stress and fatigue and their transition back to civilian life
  • research/academic - research careers in psychology can cover the full range of the discipline