What will I learn?

Pre-Veterinary studies provide you with the courses required to apply to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the Atlantic Veterinary College.

In your first year, you’ll focus on biology, general chemistry and introductory calculus. You’ll also take two English courses and choose from a variety of electives like agricultural ecosystems or principles of microeconomics. You’ll have the opportunity to learn in different environments, like lectures, labs and tutorials.

In second year, you'll have even more elective options. In our animal agriculture course, you’ll learn how farms and agribusinesses operate and become familiar with livestock production cycles and methods. In our genetics course, you’ll study heredity and variation in plants and animals, as well as the relationship of genetics to evolution and breeding practices.

Research opportunities

The Faculty of Agriculture is home to unique research facilities where you'll have many opportunities to learn and conduct research in a hands-on envrionment. A 200-hectare farm provides housing for dairy cows, sheep, poultry and fur animals—and the opportunity for you to work with agricultural animal species.

Professors are involved in diverse research projects, studying a range of topics including: 

  • animal diversity
  • genetic variability
  • conservation of rare breeds
  • identification of disease strains
  • improvement of controlled breeding methods
  • patterns and concentrations of circulating hormones that regulate reproductive events

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Learn more about the people who will be teaching you

Our faculty are a diverse group who love to share knowledge.

Animal facilities

Our on-campus animal facilities will allow you to gain experience with animals in the Pre-Vet program. By integrating teaching and research, you'll be able to view and participate in real-life industry projects and research.