Research opportunities

A world to investigate

There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to take part in the variety of research projects conducted by the faculty members within the Political Science department as well as through the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, the Child Soldiers Initiative, and the European Union Centre for Excellence.

Within the field of international relations, many faculty members are working on security-related issues (such as international security, regional security, homeland security, and human security), diplomacy, deterrence, and development. Comparative research is being undertaken within the areas of European integration; North American integration; climate politics; and the politics of health care.

From global to local

Faculty members have regional specialization in the European Union, North America, Africa, and Latin America. A number of faculty members are involved in human rights research, from both a comparative and theoretical approach.

Specialists in Canadian politics are focusing on federalism, intergovernmental relations, and multilevel governance (including urban governance); elections, electoral politics, and political parties; multiculturalism, immigration, and ethnic relations; political behaviour; and economic and regional development.

Within the area of political theory, faculty members are engaged in Canadian political thought, feminist and queer theory, and critiques of neo-romanticism.

Some current research projects being undertaken by undergraduates:

  • The global politics of gender
  • Institutionalizing intervention: Humanitarian intervention and the logic of preventative war
  • Environmental change as a contributing factor in acute conflict
  • Can a win by the Parti Quebecois reverse a growing anglicization in Quebec?