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Our graduates go on to be successful in a variety of careers. Some find themselves working directly in politics while others use the skills they learned studying political science as a foundation for careers in law, journalism, and business.

Some career options to consider:

Alumni story

Northern exposure

David Brock (BA'00) discovered he had an affinity for the political world early in his first year at Dal. So much so that he did a master's in political science. Shortly after the official creation of Nunavut as a territory, he worked as an advisor in the Cabinet Office and then as a consultant on intergovernmental relations. David is now the Chief Electoral Officer for the Northwest Territories, responsible for the management of territorial general elections, by-elections, and plebiscites.

"My honours thesis, which examined the political institutions of Nunavut, helped motivate me to move to the Arctic a year later. I now have a decade of policy experience in the circumpolar region.”