Daniel Watt (BA'05)

A day in the life

Daniel Watt (BA'05)


Dal provided a very collegial and stimulating atmosphere, with great profs, good facilities, and an interesting curriculum—all in a great setting. It provided excellent opportunities for work and experience.

Never too late to start

For Daniel Watt, studying at Dal was almost like getting back to his roots. He spent most of his upbringing in Ottawa but had close connections to Halifax. For a few years when he was young he even lived on the edge of campus, at the corner of Lemarchant and South Streets.

“My father’s family moved from Scotland to Halifax in the early ’50s,” he says. “Both my mother (BA­­-English) and father (LLB) went to Dalhousie as well. So it was a familiar place of which I was very fond.”

After finishing high school, Daniel moved to Alberta and worked in the Rockies for a few years. When he eventually arrived at Dal, he was 24 years old.

“I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to hack going to university, having been out of school for so long,” he says. “But the people at Dalhousie were very welcoming and helpful when I applied as a mature student.”

It didn’t take so long for Daniel to decide on an area of study once he started. “Florian Bail’s Introduction to Government and Politics class (POLI 1103) was very demanding,” he says. “It required a lot of reading, writing, and analysis of politics, none of which I’d really done before. It was the most challenging class for me, but it was also one of the most rewarding. It was the reason I chose Political Science as my major.”

Daniel says his Political Science degree was the perfect foundation for his entry into Dal’s Schulich School of Law and his current career as an associate at McInnes Cooper in Halifax where he specializes in commercial litigation and admiralty/maritime law.

“Learning about Canadian politics was a huge help for law school and I benefit from my political studies every day in my legal career. The practice of law involves non-legal, political considerations all the time. Studying different ways to view and analyse politics—domestic and foreign—has helped me navigate in the legal and business communities.”