What can I do with this degree?

With our four-year Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Agriculture) major in Plant Science, you'll be prepared for a variety of careers. Plant Science could take you to a job in education and communication, in places such as colleges or universities, provincial and federal government agencies, extension services, research labs, agribusiness, consulting, farming, processing or marketing in plant-related supplies and services.

Some career options you might consider include: 

  • fruit and vegetable inspector
  • field or greenhouse manager
  • international or domestic trade in food
  • plant breeding and development
  • production manager or specialist
  • plant biotechnologist
  • plant research program manager
  • garden centre manager
  • nursery technician
  • vineyard employee
  • soil and water conservationist
  • entomologist
  • agrologist
  • research associate
  • cranberry specialist
  • blueberry institute employee
  • research assistant
  • crop scout/advisor
  • pesticide sales

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