Why study Plant Science at Dalhousie?

The BSc (Agriculture) in Plant Science is designed to provide you with a solid understanding of the ideas, achievements and methods in biological, physical and behavioural sciences. You’ll acquire a very sound knowledge of plants, along with practical and life-long learning skills while studying at Dalhousie's beautiful Agricultural Campus in Truro, NS

The Plant Science program builds on plant-soil environment and ecosystem relationships to include production, storage, and use of plants as food, medicine, nutraceuticals, and emerging fibre sources—as well as for ornamental purposes. As you become more deeply involved with the discipline of Plant Science, you’ll strive to find useful, creative, and innovative solutions to real-world problems, such as food security and safety issues, both at home and abroad.

You’ll learn about aspects of plant production and use, including plants grown in laboratories, greenhouses, nurseries and on farms. The major focus is on food production, an area of plant science with environmental, economic, and ethical challenges for the future of humanity. Contemporary issues related to the environment and food quality, biotechnology, plant breeding, and responding to changing consumer demands are also addressed.

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Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) in Plant Science