What will I learn?

First year studies begin with required courses that allow you to build your knowledge in the bio-sciences, plant production techniques, and business applications. By taking such a range of required courses, you'll have opportunities to discover and develop your interests.

In second year, the program allows you to choose from a wide variety of elective courses, giving you the flexibility to match courses to your interests and career goals. With the help of a knowledgeable program advisor, you'll choose 12 courses in subjects like edible horticulture, ornamental horticulture, agronomy, plant science, business, or even engineering.

Work term

Earn course credit and valuable work experience

Between your first and second years of the Plant Science Technology program, you could choose to take Plant Science Techniques (PLSC 0202). This opportunity allows you to earn course credit while gaining valuable work experience in a real-life setting. To qualify, you must have successfully completed your first year of the diploma. 

Learn more about the people who will be teaching you

Our faculty are a diverse group who love to share knowledge.