What can I do with this diploma?

If you're not sure yet what career path you'd like to follow, don't worry - we'll help you figure it out. Through the range of courses offered and the elective summer work term, you'll have plenty of opportunities to discover the particular aspect of plant science you're most interested in.

Together, the plant science, agriculture/agri-food and horticulture industries are worth $10 trillion around the globe - and opportunities in those industries are increasing exponentially every year. The Canadian agriculture industry alone is a nearly $98 billion industry. You'll discover opportunities in many sectors, from agronomy to ornamental horticulture and edible horticulture.

The Plant Science Technology program strongly advocates skills, creativity, innovation and an entrepreneurial approach, giving you the skills you need to confidently build a career in your area of interest. You'll graduate with the training and education to meet life head-on.

Graduates of the Plant Science Technology program have gone on to a wide variety of careers, including the following:

  • plant technologist
  • plant biology technician
  • greenhouse manager
  • crop production manager
  • plant tissue culturist
  • plant propagator
  • floriculturist
  • landscape manager
  • crop advisor
  • fruit and vegetable producer
  • nursery crop producer
  • agrochemical sales representative
  • plant breeding technician
  • seed production/quality control technician
  • technologist in the bio-actives, biopharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries
  • agriculture and horticulture consultant

Future studies

If you discover during your studies that you have a passion for the research or academic side, you'll have a number of options for further study once you successfully complete your diploma. For one thing, you could apply to do the Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) in Plant Science and explore your area of interest even more deeply.

Here are some other options:

  • Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) in Plant Science, Agricultural Business, Agricultural Economics, Integrated Environmental Management, or Environmental Sciences
  • Bachelor of Management (BMgmt)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Development Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

With bachelor's degree, you'll then have numerous options for further study at the master's level.

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