Why study for your Diploma in Plant Science at Dalhousie?

Are you interested in plants, how they grow, and how we use them? In the Diploma in Technology Plant Science, you learn all this and you might even discover you have two green thumbs.

While studying at our Agricultural Campus in Truro, you gain insights into problem solving, diagnostics and whole-system analysis. You learn business and science in the context of social and environmental responsibility, using sustainable production systems. You acquire a theoretical knowledge of plants. 

Our students learn by doing: through labs, experiments, and growth trials, they develop a practical skill-set through hands-on experiences.

You see first-hand how environmental factors affect plant growth. You'll propagate plants, glean from the soil what makes them grow, and discover how to control and improve that growth. You also learn how to grow a plant-dependent business and your education will set you apart from everyone else in the job market. 
Flexibility is another strength of our program. Get the diploma you really want by selecting the courses you love. We offer courses in a wide variety of subject areas and departments, from Horticulture, Agronomy, and Business, to Environmental Science—and even Engineering.

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