Career opportunities

Lifelong skills you can apply to any walk of life

Our graduates are creative thinkers, careful reasoners, clear writers and self-starters. Philosophy will equip you with the mental skill and discipline to succeed at anything you put your mind to.

Students from our program become university professors, ethics advisors for businesses, hospitals and medical associations, novelists, musicians, lawyers, cognitive science engineers attempting to produce machine intelligences, business people, journalists, poets and artists – to name just a few.

Philosophy students perform as well as students in physics and engineering programs—that is to say, very well—on standard Law School Admissions Tests, the Graduate Record Exams, and  Medical College Admissions Tests.

Alumnus Daylian Cain, who teaches business ethics at Yale, sees great opportunities for philosophers with a head for business. An ability to apply philosophical techniques to solve real-world problems puts you in an ideal position to manage, lead, and make solid ethical decisions.

Some career options to consider:

  • Professor
  • Ethics researcher
  • Policy critic
  • Environmentalist
  • Lawyer
  • Health professional

Alumni story

Valuable lessons in how to work
Troy Jollimore

Troy Jollimore works as a poet, critic and philosopher. He says his teachers in Dalhousie's Philosophy Program not only taught him to think carefully, but they were influential role models. He saw people who loved and cared deeply about their work, and that inspired him to follow their example.

“There’s not one thing you can do with a philsophy degree. No matter what I had gone on to do, it would have meant a lot to me.”