Admission requirements

Make sure you contact the College of Pharmacy no later than August of the year preceding the one you’d like to start the program. Ask about prerequisites, class equivalents, and deadlines.

  • Register for prerequisite classes: first-year chemistry, biology, social sciences, math, statistics, and English. (See more information about prerequisites on the Program overview page.)
  • Obtain a Dalhousie University Undergraduate Application Form and a Pharmacy Supplemental Form from the College of Pharmacy website and submit your application to the Registrar's Office before the deadline of February 1. The Dalhousie Undergraduate Application Form may also be completed online.
  • Ensure your most current university transcripts (fall term) are forwarded to the College of Pharmacy as soon as they’re available; all prerequisites must be completed and the grades submitted by June 30. If you are taking full-year classes as prerequisites, or if you are upgrading a class, please submit interrim grades or the most recent transcript with your application.
  • Follow-up with the College of Pharmacy to ensure your application is complete.

Note: the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is not a requirement.

Transfer credits for prerequisites: Ensure your transfer credits are equivalent by using the Transfer Credit Equivalency Table.

Pharmacy interview

The application process for many professional programs, including Pharmacy, involves an interview. Your application will go through an initial screening based on your academic achievement. Then, if you’re among the top candidates, you’ll be invited for an orientation/interview session that assesses your non-academic skills and qualities:

  • commitment to care
  • critical thinking, problem solving and creativity
  • ethical reasoning and integrity
  • responsibility
  • interpersonal skills
  • oral communication skills
  • maturity
  • motivation to be a pharmacist
  • conflict resolution
  • team player
  • self-awareness

Interview selection is based on cummulative grade point averages (GPAs). The lowest GPA accepted will depend on the cummulative GPAs of all the applicants in the year of application.

If you are among the selected interview candidates, you must attend the interview in Halifax on the scheduled date and time. Due to the nature of the interviews and the method of assessment, alternative arrangements are not possible.

Contact the College of Pharmacy’s admissions co-ordinator for more information about admissions, residency status, and the program prerequisites.

Admissions co-ordinator
Phone: (902) 494-3824
Fax: (902) 494-1396
Email: or