Inside the classroom

Traditional lectures...

Lecture halls in the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences Department aren’t used just to deliver lectures. They’re also theatres, in which your professors stage exciting demonstrations. A prof swings from a rope at the front of the lecture hall to illustrate momentum and inertia, or gets the class to build a bridge as an example of internal forces.

...and so much more.

Tutorials and labs give you extra opportunties to learn key concepts and skills. Between lectures, you’ll attend small tutorials that give you the chance to ask questions and discuss concepts in more depth. In labs, you’ll try your hand at experiments that reinforce course topics while helping you learn to think like a physicist. Whether you're leaning more towards theoretical or applied research, the courses, tutorials, and labs offered in the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science will give you the knowledge and skills you need.

Faculty story

The greatest show on Earth
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To keep his first-year students focused in class, Dr. Jeff Dahn uses one of a number of the tricks he keeps up his sleeve. But all these tricks have a purpose beyond fun: they're opportunties for learning. Read more about what Dr. Dahn does to help students learn in first-year physics courses.

"Physics and math are the two best disciplines to teach students analytical problem-solving skills."