Why study Ocean Sciences at Dalhousie?

The ocean controls climate, feeds the planet, and connects people and economies around the world. The best way to learn about these vital functions is to experience the ocean environment firsthand—and Dalhousie, with a world-wide reputation for excellence in ocean education and research, is just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean.

Societies around the globe are striving to develop and protect valuable ocean resources. Addressing this dual challenge requires a new generation of scientists able and willing to explore multi-faceted and interconnected ocean processes.

By combining biology, chemistry, geology, physics and social sciences, our Ocean Sciences degree is designed to prepare
 you to tackle some of society’s most exciting ocean opportunities and pressing environmental challenges.

You'll gain a broad perspective on the role of ocean sciences in policy and law, and experience firsthand many of the exciting technological innovations that are transforming our ability to observe the ocean.

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Bachelor of Science (BSc)