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The student experience

Jaimie Keeping talks about third year

Jaimie Keeping

I was attracted to the Ocean Science program because it addressed the "bigger picture" of the ocean. The hands-on fieldwork and great friendships made have been a bonus!

"I'm employed as an undergraduate research assistant with an instructor. I love being able to learn practical skills for my field and gain experience for the work force. My favourite thing about the Ocean Science program is the hands-on field work completed in class, and through volunteering and employment. It's very fun to get your hands dirty on the boat or on shore, and makes for a great learning experience. It's a very rewarding feeling."

Faelan Prentice talks about third year

Faelan Prentice

The ocean sciences program feels very close because of the small sizes that we work in. On a day-to-day basis I'm drawn to the challenges that I face and the need to work with others to understand and solve problems.

"The ocean sciences program helps provide problem-solving skills that will be of long-term benefit. It's a program that doesn't limit me to memorization, but provides a space for critical thought. For this to be possible, it's key that students in the ocean sciences program are knowledgeable in different disciplines."

Chantal Mears talks about being president of the Dalhousie Oceanography Undergraduate Society (DOUGS)

Chantal Mears

Over the past three years, I’ve taken classes with many of the same people and as a result have built a core group of friends pursuing a similar degree to mine. My time outside of class is spent organizing and participating in a range of events and activities with fellow students from the department.

"I'm originally from the West Coast and spent my childhood summers boating. I knew I wanted to study the ocean, so it was either one coast or the other. I thought that was an excellent opportunity to see what Atlantic Canada was like. After that, the decision was easy—Dal is known for its amazing Ocean Science program. The enthusiasm and passion for Ocean Sciences from professors and staff in the department is what really makes the program unique. Each lecture is presented by an expert that loves what they're studying."