The student experience

Andrew Watson talks about 1st year


You get the foundation, the education and, from there, limitless directions to find what interests you and explore your passion. It’s really cool to see all the areas you could go.


Lee‑Ann Davison talks about 2nd year (accelerated program)


You develop that underlying desire to understand how people feel. My idea of empathy has changed—I think I conflated sympathy with empathy before.


Ingrid MacLean talks about 2nd year (accelerated program)


The classes can sometimes be large, but they don't feel big or intimidating. The professors are very interactive and involve you in the discussion, so the information sticks.


Amanda Reid talks about 3rd year


Nursing really is an art. You can't take a cookie-cutter approach–you have to think about what's best for that one patient.


Matthew Hughes talks about his experience in the Nursing program


A lot of times I'm the only male in a group, but it's not something you notice because no one treats me any differently.