Research opportunities

Dalhousie's Department of Neuroscience offers students a wide range of research and volunteer opportunities. As well, you'll have the option to earn extra credit for most courses by participating in research projects.

Our faculty members come from a variety of fields and areas of interest, which is reflected in the diversity of their research projects.

Neuroscience research

  • insect behaviour
  • hormones
  • stress
  • sensory processes in hearing
  • biological rhythms
  • attention
  • cognition and information processing
  • neuroimaging with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Psychology research

  • developmental (language and literacy; social-cognitive; child)
  • animal (canid behaviour, including wolves, coyotes, red foxes, dogs; songbird behaviour; scent and attractions in rodents; learning; genetics)
  • clinical (addictions, including smoking, gambling, alcohol; perfectionism; sleep)

Here are just a few examples of recent research projects researchers in the Neuroscience program:

  • Some like it hot: The effects of climate change on reproduction, immune function and disease resistance in the cricket Gryllus texensis
  • Learning, memory and search strategies of inbred mouse strains with different visual abilities in the Barnes maze
  • Race and structural face encoding                                                                    
  • Spatial plasticity and tool training
  • Improving cognitive function through training working
  • Studying attention with electroencephalography (EEG) and eye monitoring